Tru life: my favorite thing about Toh Kay’s cover of Shantantitty Town is not the overall musicality of the song that I love but the way he says “titty” in shantantitty I am 5 years old


I love this fucking band forever.


I love this fucking band forever.


Hey guys! Do we have any Streetlight Manifesto fans who live near New York or New Jersey? I have two tickets for them at Starland in NJ for October 24th but I can’t go, anybody wanna buy them from me? Message me for more details!


I made Matthew Stewart laugh with the worst pun I’ve ever made.

"If you wore a lot of vests. I’d call you Streetlight Manyvesto."


Glamor shots of my Streetlight Manifesto skateboard.

My model is Andrew, the friend I gave the board to as a gift. :)


Just finished my new Ska vest!
I decided to paint my own back patch and it came out perfect.
I’m so happy with it. I’m gonna wear the shit out of this to every show.


Streetlight plantifesto


Streetlight plantifesto



There’s a whole drawer is my room dedicated to my streetlight related shirts.

Hello, yes. Where does one acquire such a snazzy Victory shirt?

Buy a Fuck Victory Shirt Here.

nicablade said: Are you selling any of those streetlight manifesto shirts? I want the flower background one its so cute!!!

Thanks so much! I’m not selling them, though, sorry. 

Below I’ll put a little tutorial to make your own:


Streetlight Manifesto Shirt (I used the shirt from the THTT preorder bundle, but this one works fine too)

[you can also buy a streetlight manifesto patch from here and here.]

Lace Trim

Rose appliques







  1. First, get your streetlight manifesto tee and cut out the streetlight design in the center. Be careful not to cut into the design.
  2. Once you have the design cut out, sew the lace trim around the streetlight patch. You can use the pins to keep the lace in place. The lace will also hide any little mistakes made when cutting around the border of the design.
  3. Once you sew the lace trim around, cut off a small strip of lace that fits along the width of the head of the streetlight. Sew that bit of lace across the head of the lamp.
  4. Take your rose appliques and place 6 or 7 across the lace banner on the streetlight. Pin them in place. Sew each individual rose onto the streetlight patch. Once you’ve sewn them all on, your streetlight will have a little flower crown (which is cute as hell).
  5. Now you should have a finished streetlight patch. Get out your shirt or dress. Pin the patch in place (make sure it’s centered) And sew it on to your garment. Now you have your own cutesy Streetlight Manifesto shirt!

Final Product:


idiot-grrrl said: Hi! How do you make the little collar things you have on in your streetlight shirt post? They look so cute.

Hey there! I actually was just wearing a dress under those shirts. Usually I crop my band tees or bunch them up at the waist so I can wear them over my dresses because I tend to fidget with skirts and pants look really bad with my pear-shaped body. And If you have a dress with a cute collar, you can just pull the collar over your band tee so it peaks through.

If you’re not a fan of layers, you could always buy a detachable collar or make a collar with some spare fabric and sew it on to your favorite band shirt.

Hope this helps!


Haven’t worn this one in a while.
Trying to stay positive today.

Hey, Streetlight People!

  • So this is not for sure yet but very likely. That streetlight show in NYC. Im going to try to fly over there or train or something and I dont want to fucking spend 300$ for a damn hotel in NYC or money on a taxi to cart me from NJ. So would anyone be willing to keep myself and girlthing for a night or two or three and take us to the show with them? Just want to know before I go further with my plans. If you can help me out, send me a note or ask or something. Thanks!
  • OHH thought of something even better. If youre driving out from Buffalo, NY or go through there on your route to NYC...




on my way to work today.


on my way to work today.